Upcoming Jobfair


About Jobfair

The main motto to organise a job fair is to fill the bridge between unemployed people society & employers We specifically organise job fair for entry level people with the help of difference social organisation, education organisation & political organisation etc

To organise job fair our own Toolkit. This toolkit consists five main points

  • 1. An Introduction to job fair & its planning.
  • 2. Steps & Activities to organise & Implement job fair.
  • 3. Tips & Activities before, during & after job fair.
  • 4. Job Fair guidelines & information for job seekers
  • 5. Job fair guideline & information for employers.

WE are Hirring, Come to join our team

Our legal factors

Child labour is prohibited
Provision are these relating to reservations for physically handicapped people. Legal Provision affects the staffing policy of an organisation

Our external Influences policies

Handling the pressures from political parties or politicians as new recruitment Handling the Concept of employment to “sons of the soil” is getting popular in our country. Because of the above all our systematic & staffing policies external Influence will not effect on Business units.

Job Showcase in Number

8 years of experience

147 - Job fairs @ different 147- location in all over India
412 - Total tie-up companies
162450 - Total candidates participate in job fair
39920 - Total candidates offer
62000 - Total distributed cards (till February 2019)
14501 - Company opening for every job card holder in 1 year

Domains we handle

  • Tech support
  • Telecom
  • Automobiles
  • Aviation
  • Pharmacy
  • Facilities Managements
  • Media
  • Admin
  • NGO
  • Hotel
  • Management
  • Retail
  • Consulting
  • Marketing
  • R&D
  • IT
  • Transport
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Accounting
  • Real Estate
  • Finance/Banking
  • Legal